Howie Kutcher-is a piano player who has been performing for over 45 years. His rates are very modest and many of his performances are done on a free basis ("love to have fun playing along with a singing (appreciative) crowd"!) His "comfort zone" is performing interactively with a crowd of people around the piano. Admittedly, not having the "best voice", he will not accept solo performances where Howie is the only one singing. Also, he occasionally jams with other musicians. His favorite type of music to play are stuff by The Beatles (but loves ALL kinds of music!).The best way of sampling what he loves to do is to check out the accompanying videos of his (own) wedding performance as well as other clips! He does community events (like nursing homes and private parties). Since this is not his main profession (he is a CPA who owns an employment agency), his rates are substantially lower than all of the competitors. BUT-after playing around 45 years, most listeners are shocked to find out that he is NOT a full-time musician ( a "win-win" for all parties involved).