What People Have Said:

"Your piano playing and sing-a-long was the highlight of our last 2 holiday parties. Whether the guests were singing out loud or just humming along, they really enjoyed the background music."

"Thank you for providing wonderful music at our Senior Living facility. Music brings such joy into their lives and they look forward to having a repeat performance in the near future".

"You really got the crowd going-especially while playing Twist and Shout where folks unexpectedly got up and danced! Too often, we employ piano players who provide background music and that's all. In your case, you make it an interactive event where a large numbers of tunes played are popular standards where many know the lyrics by heart."

 "I want to thank you for providing wonderful music during our luncheon. We received many e-mails and calls from many attendees who truly enjoyed listening to such nostalgic and other fun tunes!"

"This is like a terrific form of LIVE KARAOKE!"

"A refreshing alternative to your standard sing-a-long. Howie incorporates TV theme songs, novelties and other fun stuff to his repertoire